Property Management     

Brad Snyder
-Sierra Vista Professional Property Manager

Property Management Line: (520) 227-6694

Thank you for the interest expressed in Sierra Vista Realty Property Management. At Sierra Vista Realty and Property management we strive to give you the most professional property management service available today. Our number one commitment is to be the best Sierra Vista property management company when it comes to your investment. You worked hard to obtain it and we will work hard to maximize the potential of that property. As with any successful business we are dedicated to earning your trust and respect. I intend to earn that endorsement from you while relieving you of the burden of managing your rental properties in Sierra Vista.

Sierra Vista Realty is a full service Real Estate and Property Management company providing property management services in Cochise County. We are a family owned business serving only the Cochise County area; we are also one of the most professional property management companies in Cochise County. It does not matter whether you are across town or across the country you can feel confident that we will manage your property as if you were living next door. All tenants are carefully and thoroughly screened. We use our own property management program that is focused on Tenant Education and is very detailed and explain what we as the property manager expect from our tenants. In the event there are any maintenance problems with your property, we have specialists available to handle any situation. These repair people have been chosen due to their reliability and reasonable fees. Our cumulative monthly and year end reports will delight you and your accountant with the information needed for your income tax preparation.

Property Management in a military town is different from other places, so having specific military knowledge is important. With over 50 years experience we have that knowledge. If you are interested in our services, you can call or email us. Or you can request a complete Sierra Vista Realty Property Management Proposal at , which will be emailed back to you in Adobe Acrobat Format that same day. We will set an appointment with you at the property, if you are local, so we can determine what the property will rent for, at no cost or obligation on your part. The reason we come out to your property is that all Real Estate is unique and each property is different and must be seen to set a rental amount. This is a very important step in the management evaluation process.

Residential Property Management is difficult and needs an experienced hand. Sierra Vista Realty property management in Cochise County is very cost effective; our owners are very amazed at the level of service they receive from Sierra Vista Realty and we can attribute that to the personal service that we are able to provide our client as a family owned business. We don’t get the turn over that you might expect from a large company that takes all kinds of properties such as apartments, commercial etc. We specialize in Single family homes and condos of distinction. My motto is “Straight Talk and Hard Work.” Our experience with dealing with tenants will result in a better outcome for our property owners.

Property Management services by Sierra Vista Realty include advertising the property. We advertise in the Sierra Vista Herald Newspaper, Craigs List, Military Housing and our web sites. Our web site will have from 12 to 24 photos of the property so prospective tenants can see that this is a property in the Sierra Vista area that they want to set an appointment to see. Property Management in the Sierra Vista Area of Cochise County requires maintenance from time to time. We use vendors from the Sierra Vista Area that we have used for many years. We do not have in house maintenance personal so there is no worry that we are doing maintenance just to keep an in house staff busy. Having maintenance done in a timely manner is an important property management service in the Fort Huachuca area that Sierra Vista Realty provides, so that your tenants get a quick response. We create financial reports for all the activity of the property. We are responsible for paying all the bills and sending our owner financial statements on a monthly basis. At the end of the year you are sent a monthly statement and a year-to-date statement that will have everything that your tax preparer will need. Our detail reports allow our owners to know exactly what is happening on their properties on a monthly basis.

For a complete explanation of our services, fees, and copies of our Property Management Agreement, Rental Agreement and our Policy & Procedures,  just request visit .  After 50+ years in the business I am convinced and I tell my owners, "It does not cost to have your property professionally managed, it pays!"

I am looking forward to working with you. Please take your time and look over the proposal when you receive it, if you have any questions please call me. You can reach me at my toll free number 1-800-388-4888.